Lipreading Practice

Met with the consultant, a most charming man.

15 May 2017

Met with  the consultant, a most charming man.  We discussed my hearing, together with my health issues.  He was very sympathetic and understanding. I had a hearing test.  I also have tinnitus which makes it difficult to know if you are really hearing the high frequency sounds but I did my best.  Following the test the consultant explained the results and told me that I had no hearing in my right ear and that both my ears meet the criteria for an NHS cochlear implant. This was necessary for insurance too. This was interesting as for some months I had felt that my hearing in my right ear was fluctuating. I had originally wanted to wait until August because I have so many events to attend I didn’t want to have no hearing in one ear whilst I was doing this BUT as the consultant said I have no hearing in my right ear anyway so I won’t be any worse off.  I decided to go for the tests as quickly as possible. I am excited, nervous and cautiously optimistic all at the same time.    I am hoping that my insurance will pay for the treatment.