Lipreading Practice

An Interesting and Inspiring Day

28 July 2017

The day was very interesting and there was so much to take in both from the presenters and from the delegates.

From a personal point of view, I was yet again stunned and thrilled to find out how my website is being used. I was told by university lecturers that it is being used in the universities.  In one case, it is being used to provide auditory training for people who have had cochlear implants. How amazing is that?

My presentation (see Lets Listen Presentation) was well received and I have had many emails from people who are learning to lipread as an aid to better hearing. I firmly believe that lipreading can be a lifeline and can give those of us with hearing loss so much more confidence through helping us to hear more effectively.  I remember how I dreaded any kind of large social or work situation and cannot believe the number of events that I now attend regularly.  It is still not easy but I am no longer reduced to tears or seeking to avoid them altogether. I use my lipreading skills to help me make better sense of what I am hearing. So many people were discussing similar feelings and situations and how they have helped themselves!