Lipreading Practice

Today’s the day.

24 July 2017

Today’s the day.   Didn’t sleep much last night but am ready to go.

Arrived at the hospital very early as there was very little traffic at this time of the morning.

Checked into my room and sorted medication for the anaesthetist to see.    My surgeon came in to see me – I will be going down at about 10.30.   Quite a long wait.  I had to take some of my tablets and then settled down to wait.  As I was so tired I fell asleep and soon it was time to go. Once in the theatre I was given my injections and remember nothing until I woke up. It was about 11.10 when I went off and about 3pm when I woke up. 

Back in my room and felt OK.  My surgeon came in to check that all was well.  Really went well and I felt good with no side effects.  I have a huge bandage on my head and look a bit like Pudsey!  I have an overnight stay and then home tomorrow.

I was hungry and my omelette tasted wonderful.    My husband arrived about 8.30 having driven back from Scotland. We had a brief chat then he went home for some well-earned rest.

I was asked if there was anything I needed and had a cup of tea, then some sleep.

Although I have no pain I have taken paracetamol just in case.