Lipreading Practice

All's well

25 July 2017

During the night the nurse visited several times but I was very tired and unusually for me slept well.

Had a cup of tea about 6.30am

After breakfast, my consultant came again to check and said that everything had gone very well indeed. He was as pleased as I was at how well everything had gone.  He removed my bandage.  Apparently, there is no dressing just some stitches that will disappear on their own.  All was well so I could go home.  A few more hospital procedures to go through then home.

I left the hospital about 1pm for home.

Apart from a funny feeling on the right side of my head I feel good. NO Pain.  My hair is very frizzy but I can live with that. Will leave it as long as possible before washing it.  My wound needs to be kept dry.