Lipreading Practice

The first few days

29 July 2017

The last few days have gone quite quickly – I am fine but am trying to take things slowly.  Lots of messages from family and friends and visitors too.  It has been an eventful week! 

Although I am only hearing through my left ear I am managing quite well.  It is a bit difficult when there are more than three people but I am still coping.   Sometimes the voices sound a bit tinny and are difficult to interpret but on the whole I feel I’m doing well.

Amazingly it is 5 days since the operation – how time flies!!  My head has stopped feeling tight and pins and needles in my outer ear are going.  Occasionally there is the beginning of a slight headache but it doesn't materialise. I have been very lucky and had no pain at all.  

Since my aunt died last October, I have been grinding my teeth - terrible!!  I am really trying very hard to break this habit now!  It's very odd, sometimes I don't even realise that I'm doing it. Today has been good with very little teeth grinding. I must work hard at it - having the wound behind my ear does actually help me to be more aware of this. It must stop!!

On Wednesday I drove my car - very carefully - no problems!  Life is getting back to normal.