Lipreading Practice

Day 3 training

01 September 2017

Again a silent world transforms into a very noisy one by putting on my processor!

Today we looked at colours and they don't sound, at the moment, as I expect them too. I cannot seem to recognise green.  However persevere.

Having tried the colour words, they were put with another word e.g.  red shoes. It was incrediblly difficult.

We went on to s then c  and looked at s words and c words which were then put into a sentence or phrase.    These were very challenging but I do think that I am making more sense of what I'm hearing.

We also looked at left/right. Often when I used the SAT NAV I had trouble with left and right. It will be intersting to see the difference.

After two hours I am absolutely shattered in spit of the fact that we have breaks and chats and a laugh.


In the afternoon my son came round and we spent two hours chatting  - it was great!  I havent been able to do that since he was 12 - he is in his 40's now!!

Usual routine for the evening.