Lipreading Practice

A few days away with friends

10 September 2017

From 4th to 8th September I was away with friends.  It was quite difficult hearing wise because I had just had a retune and was not familiar with the sounds that I was hearing.  On Monday it was quite amazing because before we left I heard doves cooing!;  my neighbour opposite sawing in his back garden; the alert beeping of a lorry reversing in the high street; and my mobile alert.

Later I found I could hear the road noises in the car but I could still hear John speaking some of the time.

Voices again sound tinny and its difficult to distinguish between some male and female voices.  

In a larger group situation it was tiring because I had to follow more than one person BUT they were no longer speaking slowly for me and I managed to follow quite a lot of what was being said.  I used my hearing aid this week as well as my cochlear processor and although this helped with speech it also amplified all the other sounds.

I got into a bit of trouble when we went out to dinner.  I heard my friend say do you want to sit inside or ********-  because he has a beard and moustache lipreading is not so easy so I logically thought he was asking me if I wanted to sit inside or outside.  I kept repeating outside and the waitress looked at me rather quizzically (It was raining).   Eventually my friend guided me up the stairs to a quieter part of the restaurant and I realised that he had been saying upstairs!!!  I had a few practise sessions on that one.  The waitresses spoke very carefully to me after that -  I think that they thought I had learning difficulties.

Several times now I have heard heaven but in fact it is heavy!!  Must watch out for that.

However I think that I did very well all in all. 

Now I am home and I have two weeks before my tutor is back so must practise on my own.  


On Saturday my 10 year old granddaughter came round and I managed to have a conversation with her quite well.  Am only using my cochlear processor now.  After doing the shopping I was very tired possibly because of all the noises.