Lipreading Practice

More training

08 October 2017

2nd October

On Tuesday evening I taught lipreading all day and then went to a family dinner.  There were twelve of us but I managed quite well.  On Wednesday we went to a reception held at the new Army Museum in Chelsea. It looks very interesting.  There were quite a few people there and it was very noisy as it had a musical group too!  However, I managed reasonably well.

Thursday, I had three important meetings - I did OK but by the third meeting I was struggling to keep awake!  

On Friday we went to the Guild Hall for the election of the Lord Mayor. It is a very colourful ceremony full of tradition. The procession is so long as over a hundred people take part in it and they are all wearing traditional gowns and regalia! After that we went out for lunch and again despite there being over fifty people I was able to take part in the conversations (but it was very tiring).  In the evening we went out to dinner with family and again with just four of us it was great. So different to pub dinners in the past.  I could join in!

Saturday and Sunday, I had two hours each day training and spent a lot of time asleep afterwards.  The work is challenging and the concentration required is immense but oh so worth it. 

Another session this afternoon.  I wonder what todays task will be?

 8th October

This week we have continued work with vowel sounds.  I find this quite challenging to discriminate between some of the sounds.  Sentences are beginning to make much more sense.    I heard my husband whistling in the kitchen when I was in the dining room! Also, I can hear the telephone ringing and very faintly hear someone speaking through it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had functions in London. Wednesday was a dinner with at least 40 people and Wednesday was a lunch with a 140 people.  I managed quite well on Tuesday but Wednesday was quite challenging.

Thursday and Friday, we were back to sound work with questions and a story to follow.

Yesterday I had my processor retuned.  This was good because I had been experiencing peculiar feelings in my head when I heard loud ss/ch etc sounds.  this has now gone.  I was shown how to use the telephone and could hear so well!  Amazing. Also, I can use a loop system or personal amplifier if I need to.   It was a good session.  I’m so grateful to the people I’m working with.

Another 2-hour session today and then out to dinner with friends. Fingers crossed.