Lipreading Practice

Experiencing new situations

10 October 2017

Dinner with our friends was interesting but quite challenging.   There were eight of us and I didn’t know them very well so the concentration was intense.  Nevertheless, it was worth it.  They were really nice and interesting people and John and I enjoyed their company and some wonderful food.  When it was time to go home I was tired but elated that I had been able to join in the conversation much better than at previous dinner parties.


Yesterday it was back to training and it is getting more difficult and demanding. Then on to see my grandchildren and I still cannot get over how wonderful it is to be able to talk to them and to understand what they are saying. They now have so much to tell me.

Today I had a meeting of a hearing charity and I was able to hear very well, both through the loop system and when talking to people against the background noise.  Amazing!!

Also, I realised that I can recognise background noises now. the swishing of curtains being drawn; my husband whistling in another room; our older cat meowing, which is very faint! the doorbell; all sorts of things I haven't heard for years.