Lipreading Practice

More training

23 October 2017

The last two weeks have been filled with evermore challenging work with my tutor.  I am no longer allowed to see any of the words/sentences that we are practicing – everything is though audio sound recognition and it is very challenging.   Each session we have about 10-15 minutes with me listening to/answering questions or in conversation on the telephone.  This is very challenging too.  BUT I have had the confidence to make two doctor’s appointments myself!!  Usually I have asked my husband to make them for me.   I have answered the telephone a couple of times too. My tutor also reads a piece of prose to me from a distance away from me and I repeat back to her what I have heard.  This is very demanding but very useful.

Over the last two weeks I have been to several events as well. At a local hard of hearing meeting I was able to hear very well through the loop system and to enjoy a conversation against a background noise.

I went to an awards ceremony in London and could hear everything very well during the proceedings and managed to have a conversation during dinner in a rather noisy environment.  Not easy but I managed with help from the people around me whom I hadn’t met before.

I spent a weekend away with a large group on a trip to Cambridge and Ely and was so pleased to find that I could manage; again, especially pleased to be able to manage around the dining tables. before going, I was not sure how I would manage this weekend, but I had a great time, had some interesting conversations and met some very interesting and nice people.

Arrived back yesterday lunchtime and lots to be done at home.  Later relaxing in front of the TV I realised that although I was not concentrating on it I could hear some of the conversation from the TV. Wonderful!!

Today more training and we move on to revision of the long vowels which I do find challenging then on to telephone work and finally listening to my tutor from a distance whilst trying to cut out background music.  This was hard, but I managed eventually.    Very tired now!!

What next?