Lipreading Practice

Everyday Life

06 November 2017

This week my tutor has been away so I have tried to listen to the radio and to listen to talking books.  It is very challenging, no lipreading, but I am beginning to get some of what is said.

I have found that I have much more energy now I am not spending 2 hours a day in listening practice.   This week was quite quiet. I went to my exercise class and could hear what the instructor said plus I could hear that there was music playing,  I also went to a leaving party which was held in a large pub. There were about 15 of us and we spent some time in the bar before going to a private room for the meal.  I managed really well. I find I am no longer dreading going to these large functions.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter, to one of the local newspapers ,in support of the Action on Hearing Loss “quieter restaurants” campaign.  This week it had been printed and two people are going to write in support of my letter.  One is hard of hearing and one is hearing!  Great.

Well apart from becoming used to a noisy world nothing much to report this week.  I am going to try to use the telephone more. At the moment I am only using it to make myself appointments.  Next stop a social chat!!