Lipreading Practice

Bringing you up to date

24 December 2017

I’m sorry I’ve not been able to post a blog for over a week – I have had no internet connection.

I managed quite well with a group of 7 at the local pub.  Relief!!

I received an email from my MP. She had taken the trouble to speak to the minister but his response was very standard, about all people with disabilities being able to work. A bit disappointing to be honest.   Hearing is not just about access to work but about quality of life too!   I’ll keep trying.

On Saturday 9th I had my final retune.  This was fine tuning to try to make what I am hearing even more recognisable.   Great!   In my last few sessions with my tutor I have been practising following a conversation against a background of not just one dvd playing, but two!  This has been very demanding but I have managed.

On Sunday 10th I put the television on, I suppose in the early evening, and Fern Britten was interviewing Barbara Dixon who went on to sing “In the Bleak Midwinter”.  I was moved to tears because I could really hear the tune and the words.  It was wonderful.

On Monday I had a noisy Christmas lunch with an exercise group that I go to. We were not the only group in the room and although it was noisy I could talk to people on both sides of me. Hooray!

On 15th December we travelled to York and attended a reception of about 200 people in the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall.  It was a large Mediaeval building with wooden floors and very high ceilings.  I could manage at the drinks reception but what would the dinner be like?  It was fine and although noisy again I could manage.  Following the dinner, we walked to the Minster for a carol concert with readings.  To my delight I could hear the carols – not just the melodies but the words too and I could hear the readings.   It has been a long time since I experienced this!

Nothing much to report over the last few days except that we had some very good friends to dinner and it was just like old times because I really was a part of the group.

One of my sons with his wife and youngest son (nearly 4) came to dinner with us on Friday and also my daughter and her husband. We had a lovely time and I was able to sing and dance with my grandson to the accompaniment of some musical toys that he took delight in switching on. What fun!! I'm not sure that I was singing in tune - maybe more practice neededl

I suppose one of the most extraordinary things is I can now hear on the telephone and have conquered my fear (to some extent) of answering the telephone.   It is still challenging but again I have manged.   I have had five conversations - chatting on the telephone. I don't use any special personal amplifer, I put the telephone on to the speaker setting and I can hear reasonably well.  I still have some trouble hearing everything that ladies say but, again, with help from them I can manage.  So far I have had three conversations with ladies and each time I thought at first I was talking to my daughter!  Only one of them was my daughter - so I do need to check who I am talking to first!!!   I have to keep pinching myself that I really am achieving all this.  I feel so lucky that everything has gone so well for me – so far!

This afternoon we visited our granddaughter and her partner in her new house.  This was lovely. Her future in-laws were there, and we had a long chat together and NOT ONCE did  I mention that I had a hearing loss!!!  This is another first.

I have no more regular sessions with my tutor booked so I will be practising for real every day.   For any of you who have had cochlear implants recently I would say PRACTISE! PRACTISE! PRACTISE!  It really is worth the effort.

Finally, may I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May 2018 bring you happiness, good health and good fortune and improved hearing.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS