Lipreading Practice

Well I've done it!

22 May 2018

My right cochlear implant has been very successful enabling me to join in the banter with friends; to follow conversations so much more easily even in noisy situations (very tiring).  From October this year I will be involved in many functions and events where I will need to be able to follow conversations in difficult environments.  I only have 10% hearing in my left ear, so I decided that I should have another cochlear implant and as soon as possible. 

I had an appointment with my consultant on 7th March and he thought that it would be a good idea, especially as a hearing test showed that my hearing in my left ear had gone down even further.  I had no need for more tests because both ears were tested last year.  My consultant has retired from performing operations, so I had a different consultant for the operation. My pre-assessment was on 3rd May and went well and my operation took place on 10th May.  All went well, and I was home the same day.  

I wondered how I would feel when I took my cochlear processor off at night and could hear nothing - but in reality, I don't think I heard much previously, anyway.  I feel fine about it.

Today I saw my consultant who confirmed that all was well and now I must wait for my switch on with my previous consultant on June 29th.

In the meantime, I am still trying to improve my hearing by practising against two DVD's playing, one on each side of me, whilst I try to follow what my tutor is saying. It is very difficult and very tiring. I usually fall asleep for a while after this, BUT it is helping me when these noisy situations occur.

However yesterday I went to see my younger grandchildren.  Ethan had been playing football and he talked about it non-stop as we were leaving school.  There were lots of other children around who were all speaking excitedly too, so it was a real challenge to make out what he was saying.  I told him I thought that he would either be a footballer or football commentator when he was older!  Such fun to be able to hear the children again!!

I can also now hear some types of music. I still have difficulty with military bands and with the modern loud music but there are times when I can really hear the rhythm and recognise the tune.

I have become more independent by using the telephone myself.  I find my mobile is better for me than the landline, but I am coping much better.

Here’s looking forward to a few weeks’ time when I hope to be able to hear with both ears!