Lipreading Practice

Switch on

20th June 2018

My husband and I set off for the hospital to meet with my consultant, my rehab tutor and my I.T. wizard!!   I wasn’t really nervous but there is always a slight worry that things will not go according to plan. First, I had an x-ray to check that the various parts were in the right place and to see the processor.   All was well.

It was exciting to the various parts and to see the array of electrodes on the x-ray. (If you would like to know more you can find information through the Hearing Link website           or from the National Cochlear Implant Users Association )

Soon it was time for the switch on. I wondered if it would be like my first one.

No! this was much quicker.  Almost immediately I could hear noises and then I heard the different sounds and very soon could hear my tutor speaking and understand what she was saying.   Amazing

Next, I listened to some different sounds to see if I could differentiate between them and I could. Then I was asked to listen to some days of the week spoken by my tutor and by my consultant (a man). I could not only hear the "days" spoken but tell who had spoken them. It was unbelievable. We were all so happy. My fine tuner was programmed so that both processors could be controlled from one tuner. This would make life easier.  

Soon my husband and I were on our way home. For the first time ever we had a conversation in the car.

We had champagne as soon as we arrived home.