Lipreading Practice

The first few days

24 June 2018

On Thursday I had a two-hour session with my tutor and we worked hard, identifying sounds that I might have problems with. I also had a telephone conversation with my tutor and managed very well. I was able to hear my husband much better than previously – it is so unbelievable.

Friday in another two-hour session we continued with identifying sounds and as before it is high frequency sounds that prove difficult and the short vowels. We will be working on this.

I telephoned my surgery to make an appointment – I didn’t have to ask them to repeat anything at all. First time ever!

Saturday 23rd firstly I jumped out of my skin when I heard a very loud noise behind me.   My husband had put the cat food tray down on the floor. I rushed to turn myself down!! In another two-hour session we concentrated on what I could hear and what sounds were difficult.

Next, I had a DVD playing a different story on either side of me and I tried to follow what my tutor was saying. It was hard work, but I managed to do this.

Today, Sunday, with my tutor’s help, my I.T. wizard has been fine tuning my left processor.   It is so difficult to pinpoint what you are hearing and what needs to be changed. I will see over this week how I get on and what needs to be done at the next retuning. I have an important meeting and lunch in London on Monday and visitors until Friday morning then an important dinner on Friday evening.   A lot to do.

I have just asked my husband to speak from behind me and I heard exactly what he said – how amazing is that?

Learning to hear the new sounds is very tiring but it is so important to put in this work so that I get the best out of my implants!! They have made such a difference to my life already. I can’t thank the team helping me, enough!!