Lipreading Practice


14 July 2018

On Monday 25th June I went to an event in London followed by lunch. I was absolutely amazed for the first time ever I heard all the speeches and directions for the event plus I could follow a conversation on both sides of me and across the table. How marvellous!!

On 26th I had another session with my tutor and already we practised against background noise.  The following Friday I went to a large dinner event in London and was able to hear quite well. Very tired afterwards but quite pleased with myself.

I had another session with my tutor on Saturday then another re- tuning on Sunday. My hearing is so good now. I think!


On Monday I spent 2 hours with my grandchildren, I could hear so much better and was able to follow their chatting and jokes!!

Tuesday was our last lipreading session for this term. I am so pleased to report that my friend who had had such bad experiences with her cochlear implant joined us and she has made good progress.  We were all pleased for her that she is feeling much better and looking and hearing better too. I have heard that massaging the area around your implant can help to ensure blood circulates so I am trying this. If anyone feels there is the slightest problem with this area they should seek advice as soon as possible.

I had 2 hours with my tutor on Tuesday afternoon and then in the evening My husband and I went with friends to a restaurant for dinner. The difference in the experience for me was superb.  Even in a modern restaurant I could join in the conversation.

At the weekend we went to see some of my family and again the difference in the experience was astounding. I just feel so lucky.

This week has been busy but the main event was an air show to mark 100 years of the RAF and here I was lucky because I could turn myself down. The noise of the aeroplanes was unbelievably loud.

Today (the 14th) we are off on holiday to Greece so I wait to see what will happen next.  Speak to you soon.