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Catch up

01 September 2019

Life has been hectic these last few months even though it is a quiet time!

A Signed Concert at the Festival Hall

I was invited to write a short article about my experiences of hearing loss and music, for this programme.

The Bach Choir performed Beethovan’s Missa Solemnis and the entire concert was signed by Paul Whittaker. He has been deaf all his life but was a musician. Very apt that the choir was performing one of Beethovan’s works. The choirs signed a small section of the Solemnis.   This was a ground-breaking event and very enjoyable.


Fund Raising

We have been to many fund-raising events but the most amazing was the Jailed and Bailed. Along with other Masters, my husband was summoned to the Old Bailey to hear the charges against him and to pay a substantial fine raised by sponsors who donated money to this worthy cause “The Red Cross”. The accused were taken led away with balls and chain around their wrists and taken by London Red Bus to the Tower of London. Here they were met by Beefeaters who were quite surly towards them. It was a great spectacle for the tourists who joined in the proceedings.  £42,000 was raised for The Red Cross that day. I went to a lunch where the Chairman of the Red Cross spoke about the work that was carried out by the Red Cross in the London and the UK. We hear so much about their work abroad it was good to know they are very active in the UK too.

Queen’s Award Ceremony.

Among the other events was a special one held last week in Chelmsford. Hearing Help Essex were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is the MBE for voluntary service, so it was a great achievement.

The event was very well supported, and we met many people that we hadn’t seen for some time. Sophie Biebuyck, the CEO spoke about the work and the amazing number of Essex people who benefited from the services of Hearing Help Essex. One of the volunteers spoke about the work and how rewarding it was to know that one had made a difference in someone’s life.  The award was presented to the two longest serving volunteers, representing the charity, by the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Mrs Jennifer Tolhurst. She emphasised what a great achievement it was to be given this award. Tea and cakes followed with a chance to talk to the many guests and volunteers.  Well done Hearing help Essex.


Don’t forget that if you need any advice about issues relating to hearing loss there are many charities waiting to take your call and assist you. A list of useful addresses is on this website.


Enjoy your weekend.