Lipreading Practice

How the time has flown!

23 December 2019

May I draw your attention to the letter re sepsis in the news section. Let’s hope we can wipe this horrible infection out.

I cannot believe that it is so long since I last wrote a blog!      

In September we went to many events, including waving the children off for the wonderful Magical Disney taxi tour!! This superb event is organised by the Worshipful Company of Hackney carriage Drivers and taking sick children for a magical weekend to Paris Disney. Its is supported by Businesses and some of the Livery Companies and is such a really special event. They are waved off by their sponsors and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, the Sheriff’s and many other City officials. We also attended many other fund-raising events which do so much good for people in need.

The last three months have flown by. On October 2nd my husband finished his year as Master of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and another Master was installed.  We expected life to be much quieter but at the moment we are still quite busy.  Especially as we are getting ready for Christmas too.


In October we attended an event in the House of Lords for a fundraising event for homeless people and for cat charities. The event was hosted by “Bob the street cat”. If you haven’t heard about him, he is in a wonderful story of how Bob, a ginger cat found a homeless man and together they forged a wonderful relationship which changed James Bowen’s life forever.  James is a musician and now an author telling stories about Bob. Some of these stories have been made into films. James is committed to helping those who are homeless or have addiction problems.  The books tell great stories and were published in “The Big Issue” which is a charity where homeless people help themselves by selling these magazines.  Worth taking a look!!!


Recently I have found that hearing from a distance is quite difficult, so I decided to try a Roger’s Pen. Information can be found on the Action on hearing loss website. I have only had it for a week so its early days, but it seems to be just what I need. I can hear the TV without having to rely on the subtitles. I’ll see how I get on over the next few weeks.


My son took my husband and I to the O2 last Friday and we were so lucky. It was the last night of Rod Stewarts tour. I used the loop system and although it wasn’t wonderful, I could hear more than I normally do. It was a fabulous night!!! The music was just “my cup of tea”.  I feel so lucky to be able to hear music again!


Well I must dash off to do the last Christmas things. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.