Lipreading Practice

"When I got into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, a doctor told me to give up the course as I'd be totally deaf within a couple of years. But I refused to give in."

Stephanie Beacham


Hello I'm Gloria McGregor.

I have worked in Education since qualifying as a primary school teacher in 1965. I have taught through the age range from nursery aged children up to adults.
As a headteacher of junior schools and as a primary adviser I found great excitement and satisfaction in developing children’s and teacher’s skills, knowledge and expertise.
I retired from this career in 1995 because my hearing loss made performing my job very difficult, but since then I have taught older children (on a one to one basis) and adults.
My Educational qualifications include a teaching Certificate, a BA(Ed), an Advanced Diploma in Special Education and an MA(Ed) focusing on meeting the needs of those with learning difficulties.
I am also trained to assess and teach those with dyslexia and dyscalculia.
I have a particular interest in helping those with learning disabilities, whatever they may be, and this has helped me to prepare work for those with a hearing loss.
I taught lipreading in both Essex and Suffolk.
This was a very rewarding experience for me.
I am now retired but continue to lead two lipreading support groups in my area.
We have 20 + members and meet weekly.

If you have a hearing loss it has an impact on every area of your life.
Going to a lipreading class can help, not only because you learn new skills but because you meet people who have similar problems to your own.
You can share experiences, ideas, knowledge of new technology and strategies that work for you.

I have been very fortunate to have attended lipreading classes over many years and to have had a wonderful teacher.
Her inspiration led me to want to pass on lipreading skills to others.
There are still times when it is difficult to hear well but because I am more in control
I am not so easily upset by them and am better able to cope.
There is no substitute for going to a lipreading class or support group because of the knowledge, shared experiences and support that you will find there.
If you are unable to go to a lipreading class or if you would like some extra practice I hope that the following sessions will be useful to you.
In these sessions I would like to share with you some of the skills, strategies, knowledge and technology that I and other lipreading group members have found to be helpful.
Only you can decide what is best for you.
I hope that you find the sessions interesting, useful and fun!