Lipreading Practice

Evelyn Glennie has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12, having started to lose her hearing from the age of 8. This does not inhibit her ability to perform at an international level. She regularly plays barefoot during both live performances and studio recordings to feel the music better

Evelyn Glennie Hearing Essay - wikipedia

Who is the site for?

Hello I’m Gloria McGregor.

This site is for hard of hearing people who have difficulties in communicating in a variety of situations because of their hearing loss.
This may occur in everyday work, play or family activities;

  • at social functions
  • when attending lectures, meetings or theatres
  • in restaurants and other dining out places
  • when watching the TV or films
  • and in other situations.

Lipreading skills may enhance our ability to make sense of what we hear whether we wear hearing aids or not.

It is hoped that anybody who is interested in lipreading will find something interesting and useful here.