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Considering a cochlear implant?

I have had a profound hearing loss in both my ears since about 1980. It took a little while to actually realise that it was my hearing not everyone mumbling but the impact it had on my life was pronounced. I was lucky to become a head teacher and also to have a wonderful year as an Advisory HeadTeacher with responsibility for newly Qualified Teachers.  This was a very rewarding opportunity and it was then that I bought my first hearing aids; one for each ear.  They cost a fortune - £200 for each ear. It was a lot of money but I knew if I was going to do this I had to have better hearing.  It was still difficult but I had a successful year.  since then I have always bought the best hearing aids that I could afford instead of having a new car or other things.  My hearing has always come first!!

My Journey to my First Cochlear Implant

My Journey to my First Cochlear Implant beginning May 2017 to May 2018

Hello Lipreading friends,

I thought that you might be interested to know that after some years of dithering I have decided to seek advice on whether I might be suitable for a cochlear implant. 

I had thought that my hearing was getting worse and last December went to see one of the GPs at my surgery.  I asked him to refer me to the local hospital but to date I had heard nothing.

One of my lipreading group had her implant in February and is two weeks into her rehabilitation programme.   Already the difference it has made to her life is amazing.   I am stunned by her success and inspired too, to seek help myself. I know many people who have had a cochlear implant, and all have benefitted to some extent, but my Friend has been in a league of her own. So, fingers crossed.

On Monday 15th May I’m meeting with a consultant to discuss the possibility of a cochlear implant.   I am feeling nervous and excited all at the same time.  Here’s hoping!

My Journey to my Second Cochlear Implant

22nd May 2018    Well I've done it!

My right cochlear implant has been very successful enabling me to join in the banter with friends; to follow conversations so much more easily even in noisy situations (very tiring).  From October this year I will be involved in many functions and events where I will need to be able to follow conversations in difficult environments.  I only have 10% hearing in my left ear, so I decided that I should have another cochlear implant and as soon as possible. 

A hiccup following my flight

My experience of air travel in January 2020

This is my experience following a long-haul flight. Although I was in business class, I was sitting on the window side and next to the engine. I think that this affected my cochlear and my balance – it may affect people with hearing aids too. The advice given to me was to sit in the main body of the aircraft where I would have less noise and vibration. I haven’t tried this yet. Always seek professional advice if you experience any problems as they could be something more serious. It is better to be safe than sorry. I hope you don’t experience this but also hope this information may be useful to you.

Hearing Experience While Flying With Cochlear Implant

Even when I had normal hearing I always struggled with my ears when flying! The combination of aircraft noise and different cabin pressures always seemed to making hearing difficult for a couple of hours after landing. During the flight I never had any problems but coming into land, the aircraft noise and I assume, air pressure changes seem to cause difficulty, but things always seemed to return to normal after an hour or so!

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