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date of operation

03 July 2017


Today I received the date for my cochlear implant. Sadly, it is on the last day of a big family weekend in Scotland.  However, I will be there for most of the party and then travel home on Sunday ready for my implant operation on 24th July.  I feel excited and nervous all at the same time.!!!

There are still things to do. My implants must be paid for and as I take warfarin I will need to stop taking it for some days before the op.

pre-op assessment

17 July 2017

Checks before the cochlear implant operation

home and ready

23 July 2017

Flew home today. Am worried that my voice is still not strong enough but hoping for the best.  Have a few things to check then off to the hospital at 6.20 in the morning.  Fingers crossed.

Menigitis vaccination.

29 June 2017

Menigitis vaccination.  This is to prevent you getting meningitis during the operation, which is classed as major surgery.

Well it is done – I’ve had my vaccination so am now ready for anything.

Visited my GP

21 June 2017

Visited my GP as I have had a sore throat and would like to get rid of it before my vaccination.  Gargles and mouth wash prescribed. Some of this could be caused by my inhalers.

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