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Blog entries in June 2017

my journey to a cochlear implant

30 June 2017

This is a diary of the events leading to my cochlear implant

Menigitis vaccination.

29 June 2017

Menigitis vaccination.  This is to prevent you getting meningitis during the operation, which is classed as major surgery.

Well it is done – I’ve had my vaccination so am now ready for anything.

Visited my GP

21 June 2017

Visited my GP as I have had a sore throat and would like to get rid of it before my vaccination.  Gargles and mouth wash prescribed. Some of this could be caused by my inhalers.

Last lap!

16 June 2017

I had a counselling session. The lady who came to see me was someone I knew from way back in the 1980’s when I first lost my hearing.  She Helped me to learn to recognise what I was hearing then and she will be doing this again when I have had my implant.

No time to be pessimistic!!

14 June 2017

I had another appointment with my consultant surgeon.  He tested my balance.  Some of the tests were weird.  First I had to stand still, close my eyes and put my hands together as though in prayer.  I had to stay like that for about 2 minutes.  I could feel myself swaying sometimes.  Next I had to walk in pigeon toes towards the consultant.   I haven’t done this since I was a child at school.  we used to pick our teams using this.   I couldn’t do it with my shoes on so tried without shoes.   Not too bad!!

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