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Blog entries in August 2017

Day 2 of auditory training

31 August 2017

Another two hours to help to make sense of what I am hearing!

First day of auditory training

30 August 2017

Today is the first day of my new hearing life!  I have two hours auditory training today.

Switch on!

29 August 2017

Great Excitement!  Today's the long awaited day for my Cochlear Implant to be switched on

Check up

16 August 2017

Today I had an appointment for a check up with my consultant.  I arrived and was seen very promptly.  A visual check showed that one stitch needed to be cut out. A painless operation.   To enquiries about how I was feeling and had I any pain after the operation I could say that everything was fine!!   I then had an X-ray and we looked at the picture together. You could see the magnet and the processor and if you looked very carefully you could see the cochlear electrode array with 12 nodules on it.   All was well.   We said goodbyes and on the 29th August all being well I will be switched on. 

Feeling good

07 August 2017

Hair wash

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