Lipreading Practice

Exciting life

27 September 2017

Impossibly it is two weeks since  I was able to update my blog.    I have been very busy but also have had a few computer problems which hopefully are all resolved now.

I have visited many restaurants and coped reasonably well.  This Monday I was in a very modern restaurant - the food was beautiful but the noise was unbelievable and I couldn't hear very well there.  Sunday I went to an airshow and that too was very loud but it was a terrific show!

I have had some incredible experiences.  After visiting my grandchildren I was walking back to my car and I heard a bang. I turned round and my son and grandchildren were all standing at the window, waving. They had knocked on the window and I had heard it!!   I can now have a conversation with the children because I can hear them and I found that I could recognise the nursery rhymes they were singing.   How wonderful?

I can recognise muscial instruments and hear the music with some differentiation but I haven't yet recognised the piece being played.

It is great to be able to take part in conversations in large groups. It is very tiring as a lot of concentration is needed but the rewards are great too.

I find that I can now hear the gadgets beeping and it is a mixed blessing!   I was home alone one evening when the alarm system went off; complete with alarm blaring and strobe lights flashing. I managed to turn that off and reset it.  So panic over, I carried on with what I was doing.  Next I could hear a continuous beeping.  What could it be? None of the gadgets' alarms were flashing.  I went into the back garden and then out of the front door to see if the noise was coming from outside. It wasn't!  So I went all through the downstairs rooms and it was definitely in the house and seemed louder by the stairs.  I went upstairs noticing the stairs creaking and the beeping noise getting louder.  At last I found it!! It was my alarm clock going off  - noise from the alarm; vibrating on the clock and on the under pillow piece, plus all lights flashing - it made me laugh.   I was still rather anxious though, with all this happening and I found I heard so many unexplained noises.  In the end I checked through every room in the house to make sure windows and doors were shut.  Exhausted from all this excitement I relaxed in front of the Television.  I still use the subtitles as the speech from the television is quite difficult for me.  

As my tutor has been away I have been using my website videos to practise recognition of sounds and following the prose just by listening.  It has been very useful.

I am still finding high voices tinny and rather distorted but I can generally manage quite well.   I look forward to the next steps.