Lipreading Practice

Another week's work and a military weekend

30 October 2017

This week I have been training very hard with my tutor all week we have been going over sounds that still find very difficult to recognise – d t v and several of the long vowels and short vowels.  This micro discrimination is vital to distinguish e.g. date & Tate   or  mog, mag, meg, mig & mug.   I also still have some confusion with m/n and r/v.   On the whole, though, I’m doing quite well.

I went to a memorial service in St Pauls and then in St Martins in London on Saturday I could hear very well in both churches.  We then went for dinner in a large hall and there were nearly a hundred of us plus there was a military style band playing very lively music!!!!  I was amazed that I could still hear a conversation with the people sitting next to me.  It was so thrilling.

Some very challenging work this week with telephone practice and listening against a background of music and people talking. I was worn out after it!

One small problem - my glasses have made my ear sore, near to my cochlear implant processor, I have been keeping a watchful eye on it today.  

I have two weeks with no training sessions.  Today I had so much energy all day.   I shall make the most of it.