Lipreading Practice

Catch up part one

28 February 2018

During my trip to the USA I was still suffering from a bad cough and had to have another course of ANTIBIOTICS.  Eventually I felt a bit better.

Las Vegas was very busy and noisy making it very difficult to hear but it was good to catch up with old friends in the Optical industry.  We spent two whole days there and went out to dinner which was almost like mission impossible for me to hear, because the volume of noise was overwhelming. On the Friday we spent the day travelling to Tennessee to visit an old college friend of mine.   She has been very ill, so we were only paying her a flying visit.

We arrived on Friday evening and had a long leisurely supper and catch up chat before going to bed quite early.  I managed to hear my friend's soft voice quite well, but I was having trouble hearing my husband.

On Saturday after breakfast we went for a drive around the countryside and visited a replica of Fort Loudoun which was built when the British were fighting the French. over the territory, in 1756/57. It was at the edge of a lake and very peaceful now.  Again, I could hear my friend but not my husband.   After our visit we set off to see the ranch where my had friend had lived many years ago when she first arrived in America.  It was beautiful but in the middle of nowhere. The house was set in 26 acres of farmland.  No neighbours!

After our tour we all had a rest, then went out to dinner with my friend’s son and his wife. We went to a local restaurant and we sat in a small alcove, which meant that it was much more comfortable for me to hear the conversation.  All too soon it was time to leave and on Sunday we spent the day travelling home and arrived at Heathrow in the early hours of Monday morning.