Lipreading Practice

Catch up part two

01 March 2018

This was a fairly quiet time with just the usual activities, but I had been having some difficulty hearing with clarity which was very disappointing. Because of this I asked to have one 2hr session a week with my tutor.   We have been going over sounds that I found difficult and i have been listening to her against the background of two DVDs playing at opposite ends of the room.  Very Challenging!!

On 9th Feb we went out to dinner with two friends and I managed reasonably well and again on the 10th we went out to dinner and I managed reasonably well. It was a large restaurant and there were five of us.

From Feb 12th to February 15th we had our niece and her two children, together, with one of our granddaughters staying with us. It was noisy but fun.  On Tuesday, my husband and his great nephew went to an air museum for the day and I took the girls to a pottery café. They had a lovely time and the results were delightful!  Then we were joined by more of the family for supper and the following day we went to see the London show “42nd Street”.  Wow!  What a spectacular show!  The costumes and stage sets were dazzling, and everyone really enjoyed it. I didn’t find the loop system very helpful and I couldn’t hear clearly what was going on.  But it was still very enjoyable.  The meal in the restaurant was challenging but again I managed.  On Thursday everyone went home, and it was a quick tidy ready for our next visitors. Only two and only for one night – no problems.

I met up with a lady, who has two cochlear implants, to discuss the benefits of having two with her.  I must make up my mind soon!!!  It was interesting to hear that she had had some burning but that this was quickly put right. My friend who had had a lot of trouble with burning seems to be OK now.

The following week was quite busy but on Friday we went away for the weekend with my daughter and her husband.  I think I managed really well considering we were in restaurants a lot of the time.

Together my tutor and I have tried to analyse what it is that needs adjusting.  I don’t seem to hear low frequencies so well and I certainly do not hear my husband’s deep voice nearly as well as I did before.

This Saturday, weather permitting, I am having a retune to see if I can get it right. 

I will need to hear well not only for every day reasons but because I am hoping to take part in DEAF DAY at CITYLIT in April.  More details to follow.