Lipreading Practice

Another Challenge

18th June 2018

Since May 10th I have only had the use of my right cochlear implant. This meant that I could hear quite well on my right side but not so good on my left but soon it is switch on day.

Today I had a challenge! I had a meeting in London with people I had never met before and without my husband’s “buddy” support.   I thought well here goes!

The first hurdle was getting to London because there had been an accident on the Northbound line between Tottenham Hale and Cheshunt and the notices said "be prepared to follow instructions."   I knew I wouldn’t hear verbal instructions over the tannoy but there are usually visuals.   I sat where I could see the display and to my consternation the display said “This train is bound for Cambridge North …..” I was horrified but we stopped at the correct stations. Then came Tottenham Hale and it seemed as if everyone was getting off the train. I stood up and was reassured to find that there were still people on the train.   I reached Liverpool street and my ultimate destination OK.  

Then I went in and was pleased to find everyone was very friendly and I could hear conversations reasonably well.  In all I had a good afternoon and felt quite pleased that I had been able to take part.