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Filling my day

08 April 2020

Like you, I expect, I am sorting all sorts of things, and catching up with friends by email and other technology. I have just discovered facetime and am slowy getting to grips with it. I have also been trying to enjoy this beautiful sunshine even if its only to stop for a cuppa in the garden.  It is so uplifting and lovely to see the colourful flowers coming into bloom. I love poppies but they were choking the other plants so a few years back they had to go!  Imagine my surprise, and secret pleaure, to see a great clump of poppies growing.  They are still very small but it is something to look forward to and to wonder what colours they will be!

I realise that it is seven years since my website first went live. It had 10 sounds on it plus the associated videos and other areas, such as useful addressesa and tips.  It took a year to complete all the sounds, and since then it has been updated and new features added. Last year, ten more prose videos were added. I had hoped to add more videos this year but I thnk that may not happen now. 

I would like to thank all of you for using my website and keeping it on page 1 of Google where it can easily be found by others who wish to use it.  Thank you, too, for your emails. It is always a pleasure to read them. I hope you continue to find the website useful.

My sister and some of my younger friends are working for the NHS. I would like to thank all members of the medical profession and their support staff for their care and hard work in these difficult times. Thanks too, to all others who work to supply us with essential supplies and services. What would we do with out them?

I hope you all keep safe and well

Best Wishes