Lipreading Practice

Over the weekend and this week

16 April 2020

I hope you are keeping well.

I expect like yours, our Easter weekend was much like any other. The weather was nice and we were lucky to sit in our garden and enjoy a few moments just listening to the birds and other local noises.  Notably dog walkers and their dogs.

For me this is still a special thing to do because with my hearing loss I hadn't heard the birds since the 1980s.  My implants have opened a whole new world for me. I am still a bit wary of the telephone because so much depends upon the line and the other person speaking to you - NO CLUES for lipreading.  I have made a few FaceTime calls recently with some success so I will persevere there.  It is quite fun to be able to see the other person's face, especially when they smile!! My special FaceTime partners are my daughter and my sister and we try to speak to each other every few days.

On the subject of communication I received an email from "Ideas for Ears" about methods of Communication. I'd like to share it with you. (see below)

I hope you find it useful

With best wishes


Ideas For Ears

Hearing access on phone and video calls

At Ideas for Ears, we want to be of service during the coronavirus crisis.  We feel we can do this best by continuing to look out for the needs of people with hearing loss.  COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on a great many things, including the way people interact and communicate. Phone and video calls are now being used more than ever before to connect people with each other and with important health, care and befriending support. This has huge implications for those who have hearing loss.  To help ensure hearing access doesn't get overlooked amidst the wealth of many other issues that are being grappled with, we have created a new video resource.  It focuses on use of phone and video calls by health, care and befriender services.  It is designed for managers, staff and volunteers who are using phone and video calls to support older people who are self-isolating or being sheilded due to COVID-19.  The video is highly practical and looks at the challenges and problems and how they can be fixed.  It is in 3 parts:  Health, care & befriender services - hearing access on phone & video calls Part 1 - why it matters  Part 2 - the challenges experienced by older people when using phone and video services Part 3 - how you can reduce or remove the challenges The video can be watched in full - or each section can be watched separatelly in the video resources at

Please share this video

To help get this information to where it can be of most benefit, please share this video as widely as possible, especially with individuals and services involved in delivering health, care and befriender support.


We hope you feel the video is a helpful and insightful resource.  We'd welcome feedback and comments.  All good wishes for staying well and positive.  

The Ideas for Ears team