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home and ready

23 July 2017

Flew home today. Am worried that my voice is still not strong enough but hoping for the best.  Have a few things to check then off to the hospital at 6.20 in the morning.  Fingers crossed.

new inhaler

19 July 2017

Visit to surgery to see practice nurse

pre-op assessment

17 July 2017

Checks before the cochlear implant operation

London Conference "Let's Listen"

06 July 2017

I sponsored an event in London called Let's Listen. At this event I met several people who had had cochlear implants, some of whom had been with the same surgeon that I will have!  They all said what a difference it had made to their lives so fingers crossed it will be like that for me! I also met a university lecturer who had two implants herself and who told me that my website was being used to help rehabilitate those who had cochlear implants. How wonderful? Altogether it was a very special day.

date of operation

03 July 2017


Today I received the date for my cochlear implant. Sadly, it is on the last day of a big family weekend in Scotland.  However, I will be there for most of the party and then travel home on Sunday ready for my implant operation on 24th July.  I feel excited and nervous all at the same time.!!!

There are still things to do. My implants must be paid for and as I take warfarin I will need to stop taking it for some days before the op.

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