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A quiet time

02 April 2020

Liatening to the natural sounds and thanking those who help us.


25 March 2020

Life at the moment is challenging with no lipreading classes and social distancing. It is also difficult for those of us with hearing loss when we cannot see peoples mouths.

What can we do?

The experience of another traveller who has a cochlear implant

24 March 2020

A colleague had aimilar experience and here is his story.

Hearing Experience While Flying With Cochlear Implants

John Castle

My Travel experience

23 March 2020

A diary of my life since going on a long haul flight in January 2020

NB the advice I was given may not be suitable for you if you have this eperience . Always seek professional advice and support.

Although it took me a while I do feel very good now, both with my balance and  my hearing!!

How the time has flown!

23 December 2019

Some of the important events over the last three months. I still cannot blieve I can hear so well!!

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