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win some - lose some

10 March 2018

I had some positive experiences this week and a disappointment.  That's life and we must make the best of it while trying to improve matters.

Time for a retune - Will it work?

04 March 2018

For some time I have felt that I wasn't hearing well enough.  When I listened to people with deep voices I lacked clarity and couldn't understand what they were saying. Yesterday I had a retune.

Catch up part two

01 March 2018

Ferbuary was quite an eventful month which enabled me to see just how well I was hearing and where my problems lay.  We had visitors, dinners out and a weekend away so lots of different places for me to evaluate my hearing.

Catch up part one

28 February 2018

It has been a few weeks since I updated my progress.   Sorry for the long silence but I have been ill and also I had computer problems.  I hope to bring you up to date with how I coped in America.

Ups and downs

22 January 2018

Another noisy restaurant experience and a possible problem!

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