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Presentation to students Hé University China

September 2013

This was a short presentation made as an inspirational talk to the new intake of 2000 students at Hé University, Shenyang Province, China. This university provides many courses but it has a strong focus on ophthalmology and This was an all-day event and I was with amazing academics from all over the world. My brief was different to everyone else’s as I was to talk about the importance of family, education, overcoming adversity, using your talents and helping others. It was an amazing experience and I was honoured to be made a Visiting Professor in recognition of my outstanding contribution to others. What can I say it is something I will never forget!

I had only a short time to get these messages across as there were many other presentations. I was speaking in English but I was lucky to have Dr Wei’s son translating for me. It is designed to be appropriate to the way Chinese people speak so that they could relate to it.

I later learned that this short presentation had been made into a motivational video.

It is a great honour for me to have this opportunity to speak to you at the start of your higher education and to be invited again by Dr Wei to this wonderful university with its magnificent facilities.

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Although my family were not rich they helped me to get a good education and with their help I became a teacher. It was challenging and exciting and a great honour to use my gift to help young children to learn to love learning. Then I lost most of my hearing and could no longer hear what the children said and I truly understood what it means to be disadvantaged.

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I loved my job as Principal of my school but my poor hearing made it too difficult for me to continue and I had to retire when I was 51 years old.

Eventually I learned to lipread and I realised that I could help others who were disadvantaged and I began to teach lipreading.

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I wanted to use my gift to help more people because I knew how difficult life can be when you can’t hear but I could only teach a few people.

And so I produced a website that would help others to learn to lipread and I was able to make it available at no cost so that it might help many disadvantaged people to cope better in their everyday lives.

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My skill is teaching and I have been most fortunate to use my skill to help others and I consider it to be a great privilege. I have been able to give something back to my country and to repay the faith that my family had in me.

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I have been able to give something back to my country and to repay the faith that my family had in me.

How exciting it is for you young people to be here at the start of your university courses. You have the gift of high intelligence you are at the beginning of an exciting time in your life and are now going to learn new skills. Very soon you will all have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people.

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Throughout your life you will have many opportunities to use your knowledge to help improve the life of other people. What a marvellous gift both for you and for those you help. What better way to work than to give the gift of better sight to your fellow countrymen.

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Always remember the opportunities are there even when you have had a setback in your life. If you have setbacks never give up! If you look for it there will be something that you can do. Think positively do not only think what can I do for myself but think what can I do for others.

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You will find that by using your gift to help others your lives will be richer. I hope you have a stimulating and wonderful time at university and that in your future work you find the happiness and satisfaction that I have done.

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The world is full of opportunities but you have to make them happen and like Dr Wei and your teachers, please use the gifts that you have for the benefit of others, doing so will enrich your own lives.

Good luck to you all.

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